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Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary

Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh. The sanctuary covers nearly 1197 km² area across three districts i.e. Sagar, Damoh and Narsinghpur, of Madhya Pradesh. The entire Sanctuary is situated on a plateau, forming part of upper Vindhyan range and has a connecting forest patch with Veerangana Durgawati Sanctuary in Damoh district towards east which extends up to Bandhavgarh National Park. The Sanctuary is classified under Deccan peninsula biogeographic region and forms part of Ganga and Narmada basin. It acts as a corridor for Panna Tiger Reserve and Satpura Tiger Reserve while indirectly connecting Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve via Rani Durgawati Wildlife Sanctuary. With the boost in wildlife tourism over the years more and more individuals are getting to know about the diversity in the jungles and the forest of Madhya Pradesh is no exception to that.

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Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary

What Makes Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary Unique?


With its unique combination of topography, geology, climate, precipitation, and its geographical position it has unique diverse wildlife habitats, allowing variety of species of plants and animals to flourish.

What Makes Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary Unique?

Unexplored Wilderness

Being one of the lesser known protected forest areas of Madhya Pradesh, this mesmerizing forest has many hidden marvels which are yet to be explored. With the ever rising population of its wild denizens this jungle is calling the nature lover in you to come and explored this hidden paradise.

What Makes Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary Unique?


Since 2018 when the orphaned Tigress N1 and male Tiger N2 were reintroduced into this sanctuary , the Tiger population has grown to six in the sanctuary. Also due to its location it has the potential to become a functional wildlife corridor between Panna and Satpura Tiger Reserve even connecting Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve via Rani Durgawati Wildlife Sanctuary.

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With increasing number of Tigers and sightings of other animals specially Indian Grey Wolves because of better conservation practices being adopted, this is an emerging top attraction for the wildlife lovers. Plan your tour and enjoy this beautiful forest to its fullest.

How to Reach

Nauradehi is well connected from the major destinations of Madhya Pradesh, via Road, Train or Flight. Distance of Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary from some nearby destinations is as follows: Jabalpur-95 kms; Sagar-70 kms; Damoh-70 kms Narsinghpur 110 kms.

What to See

In addition to Wildlife Safaris which are a must for all wildlife lovers, Chhewla Pond, Bamner river, Chakai Nala inside the sanctuary as well as Gauridant, Rangir which are outside the sanctuary are some of the interesting places for tourists.

Excursions & Charges

Entry fee per head is INR 250. A gypsy can be hired separately for INR 2500 for a 2 hours ride around the sanctuary. Check out the tourist informaiton page for further details if required.


The forest rest house is situated in Mohli village, popular as the heart of Nauradehi Sanctuary. Apart from this, forest rest houses are also located in Sarra and Nauradehi in which two double suites are available.


Range Officer (Tourism)
Phone: +91-9131644418
Mail: dfowlndehi@mp.gov.in

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