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Point of Interests

Places of interest inside the sanctuary:

  • Chhewla Pond

    Chhewla Pond is considered to be the abode of migratory and rare birds. In this pond, from October to April, many non-resident and rare birds can be sighted here. These birds mainly include Painted Stork, Stork Crane, White-necked Stork, Pintail, Common Teal, Egret Pond Heron, Kingfisher, Lap Wing, Bee-eater, Wood Pecker, Drongo, Tree Pie, Paradise Fly Catcher, Oriole and Sunbirds.

    In the morning and evening, many herbivorous wild animals come to roam on this pond and drink water. Water remains in this pond throughout the year and this pond is the main attraction of the tourists.

  • Bamner River

    The two main rivers flowing through Nauradehi are the Bamner and the Baner. They both are perennial rivers and carry water throughout the year. Out of the two Bamner River is called the lifeline of Nauradehi. Water is present in this river for the entire year in parts which plays an important role in quenching the thirst of wild animals.

  • Chakai Nala

    The Chakai Nala is located inside the sanctuary, where crocodiles are found in abundance. During the winter season the crocodiles can be seen enjoying the warm sunshine in the calm environment.

Places of interest near to sanctuary:

  • Rangir

    Rangir is the main religious place of the region, and is covered with forests. It is believed that here Goddess Harsiddhi Maa changes her form as a girl in the morning, as a young woman in the afternoon and as an old lady in the evening.The Dehar River situated in Rangir adds to the grandeur of the region.

  • Gauridant

    Gauridant hill is about 8 km from Baroda village and is situated on Sagar-Rehli Road. This is a geographically famous place. One can see natural caves and rock paintings here.

  • Tiki Tauriya

    This place is 3 kms from Rehli town. A temple of Devi SinhVahini is situated on a large hill at about the height of 50 meters. One can easily the landscape of Nauradehi sanctuary atop this hill.

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