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Management Activities

  • Maintenance, restoration and management of faunal, floral and ecological aspects of the Sanctuary.
  • To fix physical and ecological boundaries of Sanctuary.
  • To settle rights in Sanctuary under Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972.
  • To eliminate socio-economic influences from the area to the maximum possible extent.
  • To implement the concept of Zonation in Sanctuary.
  • To train sufficient personal in Wild Life Management.
  • To equip Sanctuary with more vehicles, survey, communication and office equipments.
  • To generate active support of local people by involving local participation in management.
  • To generate funds for implementation of various schemes proposed in planning.
  • To evolve and establish a system of ecotourism that provides a full range of rewarding wilderness experience to visitors; and brings benefits to the local communities of people.
  • Identify and appropriately maintain sites of ecological and management significance to serve as demonstration areas and learning centers.
  • To identify elements for a management oriented database, to evolve a framework and procedure and establish a database.
  • Prioritise and undertake research and monitoring.
  • To maintain the natural and historic attributes of the Sanctuary and its surrounding area.
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